Holger G. Gassner, M.D., Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon (USA)

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Prof. Dr. med. Holger G. Gassner

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Dr. Gassner is your expert in nasal and facial plastic surgery. Globally recognized with many years of surgical experience, Dr. Gassner has acquired recognition for his endonasal techniques in rhinoplasty. Dr. Gassner performs a large volume of primary and revision rhinoplasty cases through the endonasal approach. This has important advantages including the preservation of a softer, more naturally feeling nasal tip and the avoidance of the external scar.

Further areas of his surgical focus inlcude eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), face lift surgery (all established techniques) and reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Gassner’s modified endonasal approach (endonasal complete release approach), his method for correction of the nasal valve (the stairstep graft) and the cleft nasal deformity (the foundation graft) have been adopted by surgical centers worldwide. His profound experience with face lifts and eyelid surgeries are based upon an 8-year tenure at top medical centers in the USA. Many of the techniques he applies have been described in his textbook and atlas on face lift techniques.

Dr. Gassner is the only USA – accredited facial plastic surgeon (ABFPRS) practicing in Europe.

Highly specialized or very long operations, such as the free transfer of the musculus gracilis in facial nerve paralysis or complete auricular reconstruction are performed in cooperation with partners Dr. Ralph Magritz and Prof. Kofi Boahene. The team approach allows completion of important surgical steps simultaneously, which reduces the duration oft the surgical procedure.

Before you decide to undergo treatment, Dr. Gassner will have a long and comprehensive preoperative discussion with you. All your questions will be answered. Not every operation is always reasonable. Dr. Gassner will share with you honestly when an operation is not justified. For nasal surgery, computer simulation is used in order to visualize the planned result of your endonasal rhinoplasty.

Patients who live long distance are often well served with an initial telephone or skype consultation. Please consider sending photos up front so Dr. Gassner can better prepare for the initial remote consultation. Plaese contact us through service telephone number for English speakers (+49 176 43 42 39 46) or Contact page..


Cost – Medical Insurance

We are  pleased to provide you with an estimated cost of your procedure. For privately insured patients, many operations are reimbursed.  Please feel free to contact us.


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The range of treatment options available are listed below in more detail.


Dr. Gassner is your specialist when it comes to the operation of your nose; both the external aethetic as well as breathing function can be corrected.


Modern face lift techniques have the central goal of correcting visible aging of the face. Professor Gassner is particularly concerned about natural and “non-surgical” looking results after face lift surgery.


The technique for taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it in another is known as Lipostructure, Liposculpture or Lipofilling. For example, fat from the belly area could be taken out and injected in the face.


Age-related changes to the skin around the eyes such as excessive eyelid skin, or bags and wrinkles below the lower eyelids can be corrected via eyelid surgery. For upper lids, usually a small strip of skin is removed.


The correct techniques for auricular surgery must be carefully selected and combined in order to achieve the best possible result.


Endoscopic forehead lifting is a minimally invasive method of rejuvenating facial surgery.  Visual scars are avoided as incisions are placed directly within the hairline.


Treatment with botulinum toxin (Botox, Vistabel, and others) has been the standard for wrinkle treatments (crow’s-feet, furrows in the brow, etc.) for many years. This medicine is safe and low-maintenance if used by an experienced doctor.


Defects of the facial skin are often the result of a removal of a tumor or an accident.  Depending upon the severity which includes the breadth, localization and depth, restoration of these soft tissue defects of the face is widely variable.



The following comments are anonymous. If you would like to share your experience with Professor Gassner, please send us an email to: secretary@professor-gassner.eu with the subject “Anonymous Testimonial”. Your personal data will be permanently deleted to retain privacy.

  • "It could not be better! Professor Gassner performed the operation on my nose. After 2 operations (by other docs) on the nasal septum, the nose was still blocked. Professor Gassner planted a piece of cartilage from my rib into the nasal tip. I was already able to breathe when I woke up from anesthesia." "Besser geht es nicht!!! Herr Professor Gassner hat meine Nase operiert. Nach zwei Voroperationen an der Nasenscheidewand war die Nase weiter verstopft. Professor Gassner pflanzte ein Stück Knorpel aus meiner Rippe in die Nasenspitze. Ich bekam bereits Luft, als ich aus der Narkose aufgewacht bin."

  • "Meine Oberlidkorrektur war ein voller Erfolg. Thank You, Dr. Gassner. Und es war viel weniger Aufwand, als gedacht. Nach einer Stunde war alles vorbei, die Spritze zur Betäubung hat ein wenig gepiekst, sonst habe ich nichts gespürt."

  • "Ein ehrlicher Arzt: Ich hatte ein Beratungsgespräch bei Dr. Gassner. Nach 3 Voroperationen an der Nase bin ich recht verzweifelt. Dr. Gassner hat sich viel Zeit genommen und mir auch ein paar unangenehme Sachen erzählt. Ich wünschte, dass die Schmerzen in meiner Nase besser werden, ebenso das trockene Gefühl. Er sagte, er könne eigentlich nur den Luftstrom durch die Nase verbessern, und die Kosmetik. Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass Dr. Gassner mich wirklich ehrlich beraten hat und er hat überhaupt nicht auf eine Operation gedrungen. Ich habe mich noch nicht entschlossen, aber Dr. Gassner wäre meine erste Adresse."

  • "Lieber Herr Dr. Gassner: Haben Sie vielen Dank für Ihre wunderbare Behandlung. Die Ohren unserer Tochter ... sind wunderschön geworden, sie ist ganz glücklich und wir sind es auch. Ihre ..."

  • "Dr. Gassner hält, was er verspricht. Ich habe mir bei ihm die Nase operieren lassen, weil er die Nase nicht ausstopft. Ich habe bereits nach zwei Tagen ordentlich Luft bekommen. Als die Membranen nach einer Woche aus der Nase gezogen wurden, war es phantastisch. Seither schlafe ich wieder durch, brauche kein Nasenspray mehr. Wirklich exzellent die Behandlung."

  • "Ich habe meine Nase bei Prof. Gassner operieren lassen. Es war die zweite Op. Bei der ersten Op habe ich einen Höcker begradigen lassen und die Nasenscheidewand operieren lassen. Ich bekam immernoch schlecht Luft und die Haut auf dem Nasenrücken hatte einige Dellen. Die Op bei Prof. Gassner war ganz anders als die erste. Ich war viel weniger geschwollen und habe mich viel schneller erholt. Mir wurde Knorpel aus dem Ohr entnommen, das war problemlos. Insgesamt bin ich nun sehr zufrieden. Die Nase war schon nach 3 - 4 Wochen toll abgeheilt, ich bekomme gut Luft und die Haut auf dem Nasenrücken ist nun glatt. Ich kann Prof. Gassner wirklich weiterempfehlen."

  • "Thank you very much for my beautiful nose. I am very pleased!"

  • "Ich bin Professor Gassner sehr dankbar. Mir wurde die Nase 4 mal operiert und ich konnte immer noch nicht atmen. Professor Gassner hat ein Stück meiner Rippe in meine Nase operiert. Schon am nächsten Tag habe ich Luft bekommen. Es ist ein anderes Leben, wenn man gut Luft holen kann. Vielen Dank Professor Gassner."

  • "My face lift was a great success. I was operated on by Dr. Gassner in Fürth. The consultation was very long and detailed. The operation took place as described. I spent one night in the hospital. And here, too, everything was excellent, very friendly personnel. The next day, the thick dressings were removed. Afterwards, I was able to replace my own bandages. The skin staples behind the ears were a little uncomfortable, but otherwise, everything else was excellent. After 3 weeks, I'm back to my normal self and have been out in public and around other people. I simply feel prettier and younger; I'm very happy with my decision."


Prof. Gassner is a member of the most important plastic surgery specialists. He is in a leadership position within Europe's largest specialist for facial plastic surgery (EAFPS).

European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surger

American College of Surgeons

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie

Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Chirurgie Deutschland

American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery