Prof. Dr. Holger G. Gassner


... to Facial Plastic Surgery in the Greater Munich Area. Your decision to consider aesthetic treatment or cosmetic surgery of the face should be based on reliable and trustworthy information. It is important to understand your treatment options. On the following pages we would like to provide you with reliable information regarding the options, limits and alternatives of surgical and non-surgical treatments of the face. We would also like to provide you with additional sources of information that we regard as reliable.

Dr. Gassner is passionate about the care of his patients. His philosophy is centered on a "safety first" approach. Dr. Gassners reputation as an internationally recognized facial plastic surgeon is owed to his expertise in techniques and strategies to minimize complications in surgical and non-surgical treatments of the face.  He strives to employ minimal invasive and gentle techniques to create naturally-looking results and an elegant appearance.  Dr. Gassner places high priority on the functional aspects of each treatment. For example, the quality of the nasal airway must be given as much attention as the creation of an aesthetically-pleasing external appearance of the nose. Dr. Gassner has world-class training and expertise in the medical and surgical treatment of the face. He will offer medical or minimally invasive treatment options first, if they are suitable to generate the result you expect.

Dr. Gassner strives to create optimal conditions for a speedy recovery after surgery. For example, he  employs techniques that allow to minimize visible scars in face lift surgery or to avoid the need for nasal packing after nasal surgery.  Dr. Gassner feels that it is of paramount importance to have a long, relaxed, and comprehensive pre-operative discussion before deciding to perform any surgical or non-surgical facial treatment.

Dr. Gassner is the only USA - accredited facial plastic surgeon ( practizing in Europe. He received his full residency training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA and his subspecialty fellowship training at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Gassner has a valid medical license both in the USA and in Germany. Dr. Gassner was attending physician and director of the division of Facial Plastic Surgery at the department of ORL, University of Regensburg for 8 years. Dr. Gassner operates at the prestigious Schoen Clinic near Nuremberg. He is a frequent lecturer at the world´s top meetings in facial plastic surgery, including the "Milano Masterclass", the annual meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastc Surgery, "Advances in Rhinoplasty" or "myRhinoplasty London". He organizes "Finesse in Facial Plastic Surgery", one of Europe´s largest international courses in facial plastic surgery that attracts world reknown teaching faculty and a large audience of training surgeons from around the globe. Dr. Gassner is also the director of the Regensburg EAFPS fellowship training program in facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Gassner has authored numerous respected publications and chapters, including the chapters on nasal surgery in the world´s most reputable textbook in facial plastic surgery ("Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery", Papel, 3rd Edition, Thieme, Stuttgart - New York). Dr. Gassner´s scientific papers are frequently referenced. He recently published the world´s largest series on results of nasal surgery in young female rhinoplasty patients. He also co-authored a textbook and atlas of face lift techniques entitled "The art and craft of facial plastic surgery".

Realistic expectations about the possible outcome are of great importance when making an informed decision about possible treatments. These may be communicated with the use of computer simulation. This technique allows to simulate before and after photographs with a computer program. Dr. Gassner offers this service to all patients considering nasal surgery.

Special VIP services are available, such as absolute privacy, Skype consultation, or consultation and surgery in your home country. Please feel free to browse through the following pages for more information and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide you with additional information.



After almost 9 very productive years, Dr. Gassner has left the university hospital Regensburg effective June 1st, 2016. He thanks all colleagues, coworkers and patients for their cooperation, trust and services. Dr. Gassner is now available at the private ORL office at Nuremberg Schoen Clinic and for office consultation in Regensburg.

Dr. Gassner held an invited lecture at Johns Hopkins Medical Center on May 2nd on "Techniques in nasal reconstruction".

The Regensburg Course "Finesse in Facial Plastic Surgery" from April 6 - 10, 2016 has been a wonderful success, once more. More than 150 participants form all continents withnessed lectures, videos, live surgery and workshops. The feed back has been universally very positive.

Dr. Gassner demonstrates an endonasal rhinoplasty operation during the rhinosurgical course of the university medical center Ulm, Germany (Mar 1-3, 2016). He shows his technique of nasal tip plasty through the endonasal approach (without external incision).

Dr. Gassner has been invited to speak at the facial plastic surgery section meeting of the German ENT Academy in Frankfurt on "Revision Rhinoplasty after multiple previous surgeries".

The scientific program of "Finesse in Facial Plastic Surgery 2016" has just been released. Course director Prof. Gassner will welcome once more elite surgeons form around the world in Regensburg. Topics of particular focus will be endonasal rhinoplasty techniques including difficult and revisional cases, nasal reconstruction, facial paralysis and more. Among the esteemed faculty are Daniel Alam, Kofi Boahene, Gilbert Nolst Trenité, Sam Lam, Julian Rowe - Jones, Jonathan Sykes, Jan Tasman and many more.

Prof. Gassner has been invited to give a course at the Annaual Meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX in September 2015 on his technnique of endonsal tip surgery. 

Holger Gassner was invited to speak as part of an expert panel on nasal reconstructive surgery at the "Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery" im September 2015 in Dallas, TX.

Holger Gassner´s article "Nasal tip recontouring in primary rhinoplasty: the endonasal complete release approach" has been published in the reputable journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. In this paper, the results of an innovative surgical technique of nasal tip plasty are analyzed. This represents the largest study on young female primary cosmetic rhinoplasty to date.  

Holger Gassner´s book "The Art and Craft of Facial Rejuvenation - A Surgical Atlas" has been published. Holger Gassner has co-authored this surgical atlas of face lift and surgical rejuvenation techniques together with  Wayne Larrabee of Seattle and the surgical illustrator William Walsh of Minneapolis.