Holger G. Gassner, M.D., Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon (USA)

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Prof. Dr. med. Holger G. Gassner

Dr. Gassner is your expert in nasal and facial plastic surgery. Globally recognized with many years of surgical experience, Dr. Gassner has acquired recognition for his endonasal techniques in rhinoplasty. Dr. Gassner performs a large volume of primary and revision rhinoplasty cases through the endonasal approach. This has important advantages including the preservation of a softer, more naturally feeling nasal tip and the avoidance of the external scar. Dr. Gassner corrects all nasal deformities including the most complex cases endonasally. He has shown at congresses around the world that the results are excellent with high consistency. Dr. Gassner is top rated by Germany´s largest patient evaluation portal “Jameda” and listed as one of Germany´s Top Doctors by Germany´s most reputable physician evaluation publication, “Focus Magazine”. On “Jameda”, Dr. Gassner is listed No. 1 in Germany for the searchphrase “Nasenoperation” (nose surgery). Review his evaluations here.

Further areas of his surgical focus inlcude the deep plane face lift surgery and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Dr. Gassner has been working closely with his colleagues Andy Jacono and Neil Gordon, who he share the same US surgical training scheme with,  in optimizing the advanced techniques of deep plane face and neck lifting. His patients come from around the world to get the face lift in Regensburg.

The Finesse Hair Restoration Team offers all modern methods and techniques, including no – shave hair restoration, eyelash, eyebrow and beard hair restoration.

Dr. Gassner’s modified endonasal approach in rhinoplasty (“Endonasal complete release approach”), his method for correction of the nasal valve (“The stairstep graft”) and the cleft nasal deformity (“The foundation graft”) have been adopted by surgical centers worldwide. His publication of the “S.O.F.T. Concept” describes the application of minimally invasive techniques that exceed those described in the “Preservation Rhinoplasty” concept and include preservation of the important soft tissue compartments of the nasal tip. His profound experience with face lifts and eyelid surgeries are based upon an 8-year tenure at top medical centers in the USA. Many of the techniques he applies have been described in his textbook and atlas on face lift techniques. His publications on the surgical anatomy of the face lift have become a global reference, he lectures about his techniques at courses and meetings world wide.

Dr. Gassner is the only USA – accredited facial plastic surgeon (ABFPRS) practicing in Europe. His patients include prominent persons and celebrities from fashion, media and sports.

Dr. Gassner performs these procedures at the state of the art “Finesse Center in Facial Plastic Surgery” in Regensburg, Germany. Regensburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, close to travel form Munich airport, relaxing and safe. Dr. Gassners international patients find excellent hotel accommodation for their extended stay and after care.

As President of the “European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, Dr. Gassner presides over the body responsible for examining and certifying facial plastic surgeons in Europe.

Patients who live long distance are often well served with an initial telephone or skype consultation. Please consider sending photos up front so Dr. Gassner can better prepare for the initial remote consultation. Please feel free to initiate contact with the friendly Finesse Center Team through our Contact page.

Cost – Medical Insurance

We are pleased to provide you with an estimated cost of your procedure. For privately insured patients, many operations are reimbursed. Please feel free to contact us.

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The range of treatment options available are listed below in more detail.


Dr. Gassner is your specialist when it comes to the operation of your nose; both the external aethetic as well as breathing function can be corrected.


Modern face lift techniques have the central goal of correcting visible aging of the face. Professor Gassner is particularly concerned about natural and “non-surgical” looking results after face lift surgery.


The technique for taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it in another is known as Lipostructure, Liposculpture or Lipofilling. For example, fat from the belly area could be taken out and injected in the face.


Age-related changes to the skin around the eyes such as excessive eyelid skin, or bags and wrinkles below the lower eyelids can be corrected via eyelid surgery. For upper lids, usually a small strip of skin is removed.


The correct techniques for auricular surgery must be carefully selected and combined in order to achieve the best possible result.


Endoscopic forehead lifting is a minimally invasive method of rejuvenating facial surgery.  Visual scars are avoided as incisions are placed directly within the hairline.


Lipomas, Osteomas, non – resorbing Fillers and other lesions may show on the forehead or cheek and appear as lumps. The traditional way of removing such lesions is through an incision in the external skin, which leaves behind a scar. The endoscopic method first described by Dr. Gassner allows to remove forehead lesions without a visible scar. The incision line is placed in the hair bearing skin behind the hairline. For cheek lesions, the incision is placed through the mouth in the gum line.


Treatment with botulinum toxin (Botox, Vistabel, and others) has been the standard for wrinkle treatments (crow’s-feet, furrows in the brow, etc.) for many years. This medicine is safe and low-maintenance if used by an experienced doctor.



The following consecutive (not selected) evaluations are translated from Germany´s most reputable patient evaluation platform Jameda. All English evaluations in this pdf file or on Jameda (translated by Google translate).

  • Three years ago I had my pronounced “turkey neck” corrected by Dr. Gassner. My expectations were fully met. Already after few days I could tell that I had made a good decision. During the preoperative consultation, Dr. Gassner reassured me with his pleasant and competent demeanor. I felt all my concerns were addressed and I was well taken care of. I am overjoyed with the result and would make the same decision again. „Very competent and experienced surgeon in cleft nose rhinoplasty“.

  • “Living a more self-confident life after correction of cleft nose” Dr. Gassner performed a correction of my cleft nose by septorhinoplasty. The surgery was quite extensive as he took cartilage of my ear and rib for the rebuilding of the nose. It enabled me to breathe through both sides of the nose. The result is an absolute success – medically as well as aesthetically. During the preopertive and follow-up care I received good advice and care. All of my questions and wishes were met. Technically and socially Dr. Gassner is a very good and competent surgeon. I would trust him again for surgery anytime!

  • “Specialist with dream-team” Six days ago, I had a surgery of the nose. The external shape as well as the breathing function were corrected. I have planned and thoroughly considered my nasal surgery for a very long time. We read up on it a lot (my husband is also a surgeon and the expectation was quite high). We came to Professor Gassner on recommendation and we are very thankful for that, because it couldn’t be any better. Professor Gassner was very pleasant, spent a lot of time for all my questions during the consultation and explained the treatment in every detail. Right after the surgery – six days ago now – I was able to walk to my hotel without any pain. Professor Gassner didn’t use tamponades and his surgcical techniques are especially soft. The following days I felt very good. Today, the 7th day after the surgery, the cast was removed and I am stunned by the result! The very likeable team is great: friendly, competent – simply incredible! I can only highly recommend Professor Gassner and his team for 100%. If there will be any other concern in the future, I am sure to visit Professor Gassner again. Thank you very much!

  • Absolute recommendation!!!!“Expertise that is lived” After an unsuccessful surgery of the nose (elsewhere), Professor Gassner performed the correction of my nose and did very well to rebuild the deformed state of the nose. The breathing function was improved and this led to a profound improvement of my quality of life. Professor Gassners’ philosophy is implemented by his team as you can feel the expertise, empathy and the superior engagement in all of them.

  • My nasal septum was quite crooked and the shape of my nose was not pretty. During the consultation Professor Gassner explained his new, special surgical techniques for the nose in a very detailed way and took away my concerns with his calm and positive demeanor. I gained confidence and felt to be in good hands. The team is extremely friendly and takes good care, too. The surgery itself was successful and I hardly felt any pain. The result of my “new” nose makes me more than happy. Prof. Dr. Gassner spends a lot of time with his patients in several consultations after the surgery and accompanies them for the first weeks after the intervention. It was the best decision – highly recommended! “Excellent surgeon, great team!” Due to a serious previous illness, a complete reconstruction of my nose was necessary. On the recommendation of the University Clinic of Regensburg I presented to Prof. Dr. Gassner. Because of the urgency I got an appointment very quickly. The Professor spent a lot of time to explain all the four needed steps of the reconstructive-procedure to me in a very detailed way. Afterwards I was completely convinced to be in the best hands. Everything was great from the very beginning: very likeable and competent team as well as the excellent management of the practice and the surgery itself.

  • Since my nose has been operated twice by another surgeon unsuccessfully, I was very skeptical whether I proceed with a third surgery. Professor Gassner was very competent in the preoperative consultation. He spent a lot of time and gave me detailed advice. From the very beginning I felt in good hands. Now, the surgery is done and I am so happy I could cry. My nose is so beautiful and I’m finally able to breathe through it again. Thank you so much for everything! “A very competent and trustworthy surgeon with a great team”

  • „Great surgeon and team“ In the beginning of September I underwent septorhinoplasty. The surgery was without problems. Throughout the treatment period I was very, very satisfied. The reason why I decided to choose Prof. Gassner as surgeon is that he performs the surgeries in a gentle way and does not use nasal packings. At no time after the surgery did I feel any pain, I was able to breathe through my nose right away and I am completely satisfied with the result. Thank you Prof. Gassner for this great job. Also, a great thanks to his very friendly team. Everybody who is thinking about a surgery like mine – do not hesitate! With Prof. Gassner you will be in the best of hands! I can only recommend him 100% - Top choice! „Competent and likeable surgeon + great team!“

  • I found Prof. Gassner and his team on the internet. The atmosphere during the first contact with the team as well as during the first consultation was very pleasant and trustworthy, so I felt in best hands from the very beginning. On the day of my surgery (face lift) I was very well looked after, I really have to point out how great Dr. Gassners’ team is. 3 months after the surgery I am completely satisfied with the result. Therefore, I can absolutely recommend this practice.

  • I found Prof. Gassner as one of only a few experienced surgeons for cleft noses. Form the very beginning, I was happy and felt in good hands with him. The result is excellent, even though the surgery was a very complex rhinoplasty for complete cleft of nose, lip and palate. “Extensive (ambulatory) surgery of the nose (to improve breathing)"

  • There are some things that were especially positive: the obviously very competent performance of the rhinoplasty surgery, the clear improvement of breathing, the very caring follow-up care in the practice (if needed also on Sundays or holidays), as well as the kindness of the surgeon and his team. Also, it was very positive that the whole procedure was explained very clearly and that the healing process was displayed on the monitor. “Technically and socially at top level”

  • A very kind and accommodating surgeon who tells you everything about risks and chances. I’m totally happy with the result ! “Great surgeon and great team!”

  • A big thanks goes to Prof. Dr. Gassner and the whole team. They took away all of my anxiety about the rhinoplasty surgery and the whole team took lovingly care of me (especially the lovely anesthesiologist). The surgeon is absolutely trustworthy because of his calm and friendly ways. He took a lot of time to answer all of my questions. I can absolutely recommend this practice. “ I have never felt to be in such good hands like I did in this practice”

  • Professor Gassner is a very competent and likeable surgeon who takes a lot of time for his patients. In addition to the very modern practice, his team is very friendly and very approachable so they took away a lot of my concerns. The surgery of my nose (for breathing and for cosmetic reasons) was performed ambulatory in the practice and went very well. I am more than happy with the result. Due to the soft and modern surgical technique used by Professor Gassner there was nearly no pain after the surgery. I can only recommend Professor Gassner and his team. “Competent surgeon, great team!”

  • After a long time of research as well as a recommendation of a good friend of mine I finally had surgery of the nose in January 2018. Already in the counseling interview, I was completely satisfied with Professor Gassner. He patiently answered all of my many questions and took away my fear of the anesthesia. From the very beginning I felt to be in good hands. With the results of my new nose I am overjoyed. Great team and great surgical management! THANK YOU!“Very kind and competent surgeon”

  • A really likeable and competent surgeon. I felt comfortable from the very beginning. Prof. Dr. Gassner explained everything about my nose surgery in detailed and comprehensible fashion. I am more than happy with the result and I had really no pain during the whole procedure. The team is so friendly and courteous. I can only recommend this practice and especially Professor Gassner. “Very competent and lovely surgeon with a great team!”


Prof. Gassner is a member of the most important plastic surgery specialists. He is in a leadership position within Europe's largest specialist for facial plastic surgery (EAFPS).

European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surger

American College of Surgeons

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie

Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Chirurgie Deutschland

American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery